Klikkailua ja koodinpätkiä – Ruotuväki Magazine Interview and TouchDown Creations

We were privileged to give an interview for Ruotuväki Team at Assembly 2018. The publication is in Finnish and can be found here:

Source: 2018 Ruotuväki Lehti,

Download the magazine 15/18 here: Ruotuvaki.PDF.

Odyssey VR Combines Desktop and VR

Odyssey VR Combines Desktop and VR. VR games are a lot of fun to play, but they’re still not mainstream and not every household has a VR or MR headset – yet. With this in mind, a Finnish company called TouchDown Creations has created a space experience game that can be played on both desktop and in VR, for those players who do have VR headsets. Odyssey VR : The Deep Space Expedition is an immersive space experience game where players become scientist explorers who are flying through space, trying to find a planet that can support life.

Along the way, the explorers encounter problems and must try to keep the ship intact to remain alive, and to prevent the biodiversity on the ship from being destroyed and lost in space. Asteroid storms, fires on the ship and mechanical problems make this difficult. The size of the ship also adds challenges as explorers race against time. The game is currently available on steam as ‘Odyssey VR : The Deep Space Expedition’ and is playable on desktop and on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality Devices.

What is this game about?

The game is a single player/multiplayer game where friends (up to 3 players) can join. The story is about humans who built a temporary outpost in space after the world could no longer support life.

The objective is to find a planet that could support life, but in order to get there the players have to protect the exploration ship (Odyssey) from asteroid storms and failures. At this point the game is limited to protecting the ship and there isn’t yet a new home planet to reach. It is still an early access game and not yet a full version. In addition to actual gameplay, the single player can explore the mainship and learn more about the background story.

Here are some screenshots from the game:

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The game can be found on Steam and VIVEport:


New Updates and Virtual Characters
New Updates and Virtual Characters


Cross Platform – Play with Desktop PC or in VR


Try the Multiplayer Odyssey VR
Try the Multiplayer Odyssey VR


Odyssey VR
Odyssey VR Virtual Reality Game – Action Scene

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Devil’s Lungs – A total 3D VR 360º experience

TouchDown Creations have worked with a short 360 film called Devil’s Lungs. The final outcome included a 360 film that the user watched with a Virtual Reality mask. The final 360 Virtual Reality outcome was presented at a Cannes Film festival in France. A final VR product was shipped by TouchDown Creations.

Devil’s Lungs:

Devil’s Lungs on IMDB:

Devils Lungs
Image: Devil’s Lungs (Dance Info Finland 2018)

ASSEMBLY 2018 and TouchDown Creations

Developing games with outstanding tools like Unity3D and Blender! Juho’s presentation is about creating digital entertainment and developing games with an artistic twist. Juho will show his experience on game development providing inspiration and entertainment for you explorers!

Juho Kastemaa is a creator and founder at TouchDown Creations. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) M.Sc. graduate from the Royal Institute of Technology. Juho is developing games and experiences for digital immersion and new emerging technologies. Juho has been developing and publishing experiences and games. Recently, he published a Virtual Reality/Desktop Multiplayer/Single player game called: “Odyssey – The Deep Space Exploration” on Steam. It is a game about a hope to preserve parts of the Earth’s biodiversity!

Please, take a look at our seminar at ASSEMBLY summer 2018!

Mentoring and Judging at Marimekko Design Hackathon

mentoring and judging at Marimekko Design Hackathon where participants Explored Virtual Reality for Textiles
Marimekko Design Hackathon Judges. Image @JanitaAutio

Mentoring and Judging at Marimekko Design Hackathon where participants Explored Virtual Reality for Textiles. Marimekko is a Finnish home furnishings, textiles, and fashion company based in Helsinki. Marimekko was founded in 1951.

It was a pleasure to judge and mentor the participants at the Marimekko Designathon (Design Hackathon) in Helsinki.

I believe that Virtual Reality and especially new technologies give great capabilities and possibilities to many companies.

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