About us

At TouchDown Creations (TDC) we create immersive experiences through the newest technologies. We specialize in AR and VR Design and Optimization, Graphics, Immersive Video/Media and App Design/Development. We’re continuously growing as we learn new skills and technologies.


Sustainable Development, Friendly Environment, Non-Discrimination, Pushing the Boundaries of Technology.

TouchDown Creations was founded by Juho Kastemaa in 2014. Contact here!

Enriching Ideas Since 2014


Allure Lighting System

Make your scene look great. Ask us.

TouchDown Creations - Selling Usable Clean AR/VR Media Experiences - lighting system and Virtual Character


Odyssey VR is a story driven space adventure single/multiplayer experience that you can play on Desktop or in VR. The environment allows the explorer to experience different tasks in a spaceship. The scientists hope to preserve parts of the Earth’s biodiversity.

Napper app is a napping application for Android Devices. Designing the User Interface and graphics as well as planning and managing the project. We also used scrum and kanban for the project.