About us

At TouchDown Creations (TDC) we create immersive experiences through the newest technologies. We specialize in AR and VR Design and Optimization, Graphics, Immersive Video/Media and App Design/Development. We’re continuously growing as we learn new skills and technologies.


Sustainable Development, Friendly Environment, Non-Discrimination, Pushing the Boundaries of Technology.

TouchDown Creations was founded by Juho Kastemaa, M.Sc. in Human-Computer Interaction in 2014. Contact here!

TDC aims to keep the community safe for everyone. Finnish Game Industry Code of Conduct: Neogames

Enriching Ideas Since 2014

Allure Lighting System and Case Studies

Make your scene look great. Ask us.

TouchDown Creations - Selling Usable Clean AR/VR Media Experiences - lighting system and Virtual Character

Odyssey VR is a story driven space adventure single/multiplayer experience that you can play on Desktop or in VR. The environment allows the explorer to experience different tasks in a spaceship. The scientists hope to preserve parts of the Earth’s biodiversity.

Napper app is a napping application for Android Devices. Designing the User Interface and graphics as well as planning and managing the project. We also used scrum and kanban for the project.