Helsinki Game industry Event in Japan – learning about the human impact on the environment

Slush Tokyo brought together some 6 000 attendees, 600 startups, and 300 members of the media.

Good News Finland

Hello fellow readers and game enthusiasts!

We’re always excited to keep our players updated about our game projects. Perhaps most importantly, TechLemon was invited to hit the streets of Tokyo in February 2019 to exhibit our new game concept at Slush Tokyo, which is one of the most notable business events in the world.

We are currently developing a concept for a Virtual Reality game experience series that aims to bring awareness to the destructive impacts human behavior can have on biodiversity. Although it’s certainly a serious cause, our concept will make learning about the human impacts on the environment a lot of fun.

TechLemon had a stand at Slush Tokyo, where visitors were welcome to experience a scene from the game concept with a Virtual Reality headset. It was a fun, tropical island experience for people, above all for those who had never tried Virtual Reality headsets before!

There isn’t a lot of information about our upcoming project yet, but stay tuned. We’ll be releasing more information as the project moves forward. We launched (Steam) the full version of our game Odyssey VR: The Deep Space expedition this January. Here is a link to a blog post about Odyssey VR.

There is not much information on your website yet, therefore there are something more exiting coming besides our previous experience Odyssey VR: The Deep Space Expedition that was launched in January (See our blog post about Odyssey VR full release here.

Watch this space.

The TechLemon team

Good News Finland mentioned us in their publication. Read the interview here:

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