Compound Facial Expressions

Previously the past research of human expression has mostly focused on six (6) basic categories: Happiness, surprise, anger, sadness, fear, and disgust. However, humans use more facial expressions to express themselves. I have created “Compound Facial Expressions with MCSFemale character by combining different annotated basic emotions together. Here is the result:







The compound expressions of emotions are much harder to recognize than the basic emotions. I modified some parameters in accordance to annotated emotions found in a study, but I had to modify some specific labels as well, such as, “eye brows” and “mouth open” parameters the get the expression right. However, I need to test the emotions if they are recognized correctly.

Some of the expression needed a little bit tweaking. MCSFemale has plenty of face blendshapes available and the basic categories of emotions are pretty good. However, the exception is Disgust emotion where the MCSFemale Action Unit (AU) is set in a way that the mouth is a little bit open. Disgust emotion if almost always done “mouth closed” with real participants (CK+ and Ohio State databases). The combination of Disgustedly Surprised therefore should have “mouth closed” and “eyes surprised“.

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