Helsinki based AR and Media Experiences

TouchDown Creations is a software development company specializing in innovative applications and solutions for AR, VR and Mixed Reality. We design and implement applications for both entertainment and non-entertainment environments.

Simplicity and Aesthetics

We have been working with many platforms including Unity3D, Apple, including Web/Mobile UIs and Microsoft HoloLens MR. We do B to B and B to C experience Projects. The research of virtual characters and Haptics took place at Stockholm KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Go to our projects page, where you can have a closer look. One of our Client’s Virtual Reality projects was presented at Cannes Movie Festival.


Selling Usable Clean AR/VR media experiences


“According to Joakim Isoaho at Hack Junction: Juho’s contributions as a VR/AR Specialist for Marimekko received great feedback and was very helpful”



More Than Entertainment. Our Clients





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