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Helsinki Based Media Experience and Development Studio

TouchDown Creations is a software development company specializing in innovative applications and solutions for AR, VR and Mixed Reality. We design and implement applications for both entertainment and non-entertainment environments.

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Simplicity and Aesthetics

We have been working with many case studies including Unity3D, Apple, including Web/Mobile UIs and Microsoft HoloLens MR. We do B to B and B to C experience Projects. The research of virtual characters and Haptics took place at Stockholm KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Go to our projects page, where you can have a closer look. One of our Client’s Virtual Reality projects was presented at Cannes Movie Festival.


Selling Usable Clean AR/VR media experiences


“According to the organizer at Hack Junction: Juho’s contributions as a VR/AR Specialist for Marimekko received great feedback and was very helpful”



More Than Entertainment. Our Clients




Making Things Happen. Our Partners


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You can send any inquiries, comments, or ideas for your case studies that you may have to, or fill out the form below and we’ll be sure to get in touch with you!

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Join us


Join us! If you’d like to be a part of our team, do let us know about you!

You can get in touch with TouchDown Creations Founder and Developer Juho Kastemaa at


Game Programmer

Skills: Programming and teamwork. GIThub or GITlab skills preferred.

Culture Designer

Skills: Understanding of different cultures and arts. Interested in colors and writing.

3D and Graphics Creator

Skills: Working with different 3D environments.

Hybrid Audio Designer

Skills: Stepping in to create wonderful and epic narrations and sound effects.

Please, if you are interested any of these positions, feel free to send us a picture of your choice.