Helsinki based AR and Media Experiences

Selling Usable Clean AR/VR media experiences. We create media experiences and show them to you. TouchDown Creations is based in Helsinki Finland, which is famous for its design. Contact us to let us know what kind of AR/VR experience you need. Check out our recent gaming project experience Odyssey VR.

Simplicity and Aesthetics

More realistic? We have been working with many platforms including Unity3D, Apple, including Web/Mobile UIs and Microsoft HoloLens. The research of virtual characters and Haptics took place at Stockholm KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Go to our projects page, where you can have a closer look.


Selling Usable Clean AR/VR media experiences


“According to Joakim Isoaho at Hack Junction: Juho’s contributions as a VR/AR Specialist for Marimekko received great feedback and was very helpful”



More Than Entertainment. Our Clients





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